The SEA’s basic aim has always been to promote a comprehensive, non-selective education service, based on equality of opportunity and life-long access to excellent provision, within which compulsory education is free, well resourced and organised within a local democratic framework. The SEA is committed to developing policy which is based on research and evidence of what works in the UK and abroad. Like the NHS, locally accountable community comprehensive schools – both primary and secondary – are successful and popular expressions of our values and we  champion them.

The SEA is the only educational organisation affiliated to the Labour Party and can be described as its critical friend.  It participates in the National Policy Forum and Labour’s Annual Conference and has access to members of the Shadow Education Front Bench. We also have a Parliamentary branch which includes Labour members of the Education Select Committee.

Membership of the SEA is open to all members of the Labour Party and to other supporters of our educational objectives, the only proviso being that SEA members should not belong to another political party. The SEA welcomes affiliation by CLPs, trade unions and trade union branches.

SEA is affiliated to Holborn & St Pancras CLP.

SEA Motion to Conference 2019

At the 2018 Party Conference, a major step forward was taken with the commitment to end the academies programme and establish an integrated and locally accountable school system.

Since then, SEA, working with academic and legal experts, has developed a strategy for achieving this goal which the party could begin to put into effect on day 1 of a Labour government.

It is vital however that Conference makes a clear decision as to how to take forward what was agreed in principle last year. SEA’s conference motion will seek to press this point and we urge SEA members and affiliates to promote similar resolutions and to encourage CLPs and affiliates to support it at conference.

The motion can be read at

On that page you can also see the full SEA policy document “Restoring a democratically accountable school system” and our response to the party consultation “Local Accountability in the National Education Service”

Source: Socialist Education Association website

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