Camden Campaign Strike

The Launch

Join us to launch the Camden Campaign Strike Launch via zoom.

Sunday March 28th, 2:00-3:30pm

Free – public event

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The Launch follows the motion passed unanimously at the Camden Momentum meeting earlier in March 2021.

Speakers include:

  • Graham Bash (JVL Political Education) speaking in a personal capacity.
  • Ekua Bayunu – Labour Black Socialists
  • Andrea Gilbert – Labour Black Socialists
  • Reederwan Craayastein – Labour Black Socialists
  • Luke Smith – Labour GRT (Gypsy, Roma & Traveller)

The meeting will be hosted and chaired by Shezan Renny.

Motion passed by Camden Momentum:

Camden Momentum stands in solidarity with Labour Black Socialists and black members in boycotting Labour election campaigns whilst the racism within the party is tolerated. The barring of a Black Female Socialist candidate for Liverpool Mayor further demonstrates the failure to confront racism and white privilege within the party.

We accept LBS’s assertion that the Labour leadership has failed in their duty to tackle anti Black racism and Islamophobia, or to develop systems of natural justice within the disciplinary process to tackle anti Black racism and Islamophobia.

We too will actively campaign only for Labour Party candidates who have proven their commitment to tackle anti-Black racism, Islamophobia and other forms of discrimination routinely faced by Black, Asian and Ethnic communities heritage members.

Furthermore the suspension of the whip to the anti racist Jeremy Corbyn and the unwarranted suspension of socialists within Party have signalled an ongoing war against socialism within Labour.

Consequently Camden Momentum will be on a campaign strike of any Labour candidate that does not signal that they oppose the undemocratic sectarian aggression against socialists by the Labour Leadership.

Starmerism: What it is and where it’s taking us

Highgate Left Political Education discussion

Wednesday 7th April

Our speaker is Phil Burton-Cartledge – an academic, Labour Party activist, and a long-time blogger at All that is Solid.

He has written extensively on “Starmerism” and how its present flags ‘n’ family strategy misreads both the “new” working class and the voters lost in the so-called red wall, as well as the electoral peril his internal crackdown on the left poses for the party’s chances of winning office at the next election. In other words, Keir and his leadership is demobilising and disassembling the coalition of voters Corbyn brought together in 2017 and largely held onto in 2019.

On top of this, Phil says he has developed an unhealthy interest in the politics and trajectory of the Conservatives. His first book, Falling Down: Parliamentary Conservatism and the Decline of the Tory Party is out this September from Verso.

Here are a couple of recent blog posts you might like to look at before the talk Applauding Failure and The Myth of the Vaccine Bounce.

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Camden Labour Left is a group of socialists in the London Borough of Camden. We have members in both Holborn & St Pancras and Hampstead & Kilburn Constituency Labour Parties. We are working hard to see a Corbyn-led socialist government elected at the next General Election. We support the Labour Party manifesto for a fairer society and recognise that this country needs radical change so that it can start working for the many and not the few.